Rug outline on newly finished floor in short time

Q: I had my wood floors refinished 2 months ago. I waited 3 weeks to put furniture and rugs down on them. I was vacuuming last week and rolled back the rug to vac underneath and found that there is an outline of the rug on the refinished floor. I don’t have a skylight or large windows, and it’s only been a few weeks since the floors were done.

My floor guy has no idea why this has happened. The floors never had the original finish done over 30 years ago. Help please!

A: It would have been great if you posed an easy question. This is strange and not usual for native north American species of wood. Some of the more exotic imported woods such as Jatoba can change this rapidly. You allowed plenty of time before putting everything in place. Exactly what kind of finish was applied? Solvent or water based? Is there an under pad with this area rug?

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