Large gap in plank beside step

Q: We have a very large gap on our wood floor, about 3/4″. It’s the last piece on a step inside between 2 rooms, right next to our entryway. We’ve noticed that the gap is getting bigger which could be the result of the winter we’re having. We’re concerned with the board breaking. Would using rope between the boards be the best solution for this?

A: I’ve never seen one board shrink 3/4 of an inch. I don’t think it is even possible. I’d need to see a picture of this. If this is an actual step, as in stairs, is it possible the structure itself has moved?

Follow-up Q: Thanks for the response! It seems like the space changes daily if that makes any sense because it’s doesn’t seem as wide now. Hope the pictures help to explain it better. The previous home-owners did a lot of the work themselves but I don’t think they always knew what they were doing.

A: Wow, wide plank. Is that hickory? I ask, because hickory expands and contracts a lot. Does that nosing move at all when you step on it or even if you try to move it by hand? I would bet it does and it isn’t secured well. I think I would remove it in one piece if possible, but if not replace it. When you secure it use wood glue.

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