Cleaning smudgy maple floors

Q: We recently moved into our house and I am having a hard time keeping my maple floors looking good. Any time my baby crawls on the floor, or we have a lot of traffic, the floors have a smudgy imprint. I have used a damp mop to keep them clean, but it doesn’t last long. What can I do?

A: Assuming these floors are finished with a top coat and not wax, you should consider a product such as found at this web site:

Related Q: I have new dark hardwood floors, and small children. I don’t know what to use on the floors to prevent foot prints. I don’t know what type of brooms or mops to use. I’ve used M***** oil for hardwoods.

My house is in a new construction area. So, the dust from outside is always coming in.

I will buy rugs for all entrances as recommended on your site.

Please give tips on how to keep them clean.

A: What you have to do is vacuum regularly with a soft brush and use a proper poly urethane cleaner. Bona, Basic Coatings, Mirage, Poloplaz? Look up these companies. They all have good cleaners.