Removing residue from carpet padding

Q: I removed carpeting that I have shampooed in the past. I am assuming that when I did this the carpet padding became damp, thus causing some of the padding to stick to the hardwood. I was able to remove the padding, but it left behind a residue. So, my hardwood looks spotty, where I cleaned the padding off. How would you suggest I remove this residue?

A: Mineral spirits and elbow grease should help to soften it up.

Film from carpet padding

Similar Q: I pulled up wall-to-wall carpet in a bedroom, and the entrance area has blotches of film from padding. What is the best way to clean this? The house was built in 1979, so it is a waxed wood floor.

A: Scrape off as much of the underpad possible with a putty knife. Rub off the rest with fine steel wool dampened in mineral spirits and dry. Apply a little wax to the area, if wax is the finish currently on the floor.

Residue from the carpet pad

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: I am ripping up all the carpet in my home which has covered oak hardwood for about 30 years. The residue from the carpet underpad is sticking to the hardwood floor all over the place. What is the best way to remove this residue?”

A: I would suggest what is called a flat blade drywall knife. They come with 10 or 12-inch “blades”. If the floor is too be sanded, you won’t need to be very fussy. The company who does the work will be able to sand off what is left.

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