What to do when finish is worn off, no money to refinish

Q: My wood floors are old with no finish left. I can’t afford to have them refinished as I am a senior on SS. They are dirty and need cleaning. How do I clean them without too much expense?

A: If there is no finish the wood will become grey like barn board. The only way to get rid of that (and it will go darker as soon as any type of coating is applied) is to sand the floor to clean wood.

Aside from that, why don’t you try a bit of wax in one spot and see how it looks?

Related Q: My husband and I need to have a hardwood cleaner that will remove dirt without wrecking the finish. We have some badly worn parts on our floors too, as our kids are pretty rough on stuff. There is wear from high traffic.

What kind of cleaner do you recommend? Can there be patch jobs done without having the whole floor redone?

A: Any areas discoloured due to lack of finish protection need to be sanded clean to bare wood. If you finish or re coat entire boards affected it will not show as such a patch job.

Good polyurethane cleaners are for example: Bona Kemi Pacific Floor cleaner, Basic Coatings Squeaky Cleaner, Mirage Floor cleaner, the one from Poloplaz etc. Any local flooring supply should carry one of these. If not, contact Poloplaz.