Oil based polyurethane finish looks “dimpled”

Q: We recently had our red oak floors refinished, using Min-wax Red Oak color, and we chose oil-based polyurethane. We contacted the refinishing company after the third coat of polyurethane was applied because we thought the semi-gloss sheen looked somewhat cloudy where the light hits it, but clear when standing directly over it. Is this normal for a semi-gloss finish?

Also, I’m not sure what the correct word is, but dimpled comes to mind. The poly appears to be dimpled, or lightly bumpy, meaning not totally smooth. Is this normal? It’s not referring to sand or granule stuck in the finish, but a subtle dimpling across the entire floor.

The room was kept at 60 degrees for drying, and one day in between each coat. The flooring company explained this “dimpling” was normal, as the floors take 6 months to cure and therefore appear smooth, I am wondering if this sounds accurate.

A: The finish may have set up too quickly, not allowing it to flow out level.

I don’t know what finish was used but all except gloss have a paste (silica) added to reduce shine. I don’t know if something was up with that – not mixed well enough or an issue with the paste settling to the bottom of the film.

I had that happen once years ago. But since using Poloplaz Primero I’ve never had any issues. It is an excellent coating.

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  1. My floors are dimpling after 3 tries to get it right… my original finish was beautiful with no dimpling… they needed refinishing after 11 years, they were in good shape but I wanted them done because the high traffic areas needed it… I feel like they are ruined now… can it be fixed?

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