Raised/heaved concrete at joint of two concrete slabs inside

Q: How do we fix this problem: old house, original owners extended a patio and made an enclosed sunroom and tiled it. Where they poured the addition, meeting the original concrete, it has raised and split the tiles.. at the joint of the two concrete slabs inside our house. How do we fix this?

We think we should take out the tile, clean and fix the joints, put down a plastic barrier against bugs, then install a floating wood floor. What are your suggestions?

A: I think you will have to pull the tile and find out why that area has heaved.

To install a laminate or engineered floor the substrate must be very near dead flat and you will need to make sure you don’t have moisture coming up through the concrete.

Good quality products such as those from Torly’s and Quick Step have their own pad that must be used. I would check their site for installation recommendations of their products.