Gaps from a puddle left on wood floor

Q: I poured water all over the floor to mop, and I left a huge puddle on the floor. I came back and dried it up and then noticed big gaps between the floor boards and the ends of the boards popping up. How do I get the floor back to normal?

A: Excessive amounts of water is an enemy of most woods. I would set up fans and a dehumidifier and try to dry this floor out. You will likely not be able to do anything but fill the gaps because the floor, under pressure from so much water has swelled, moved the boards. As it dries and shrinks it leaves gaps.

Similar Q: I had just broke my foot and I iced it then I put a plastic bag on. The hardwood of my bedroom I noticed it was wet when I got home from school and it was a little peeling to do you think this is a big problem? What about mold?

A: You don’t have any worries about mold but I imagine the affected boards may either crown or cut. The only thing you can do now is wait and allow time for it to completely dry out.