Drying problems with the oil based poly

Q: After using B**** Coatings oil poly for years on floors without problems I was forced to return to D******* oil. Recently, I am experiencing drying problems with the oil based poly, in which I have cause to blame the company for changing the formula (to meet upcoming standards).

Have you heard any recent problems with the D******* poly on floors? Like not drying in ideal conditions, thus causing numerous problems? I may be forced to switch solely to waterborne, but worry about their past problems, like elasticity (too hard and cracking), not enough open time to apply and allow bubbles to pop, shelf life, etc. What do you think?

A: Isn’t our job great fun, especially when regulators start screwing with what is allowed? You are probably right in saying they have changed the formula. To meet EPA standards and lessen solvents the finishes will be drying more slowly.

I would recommend you contact Poloplaz and ask about Primero. You might also check out Floormasters on the web.