Transition or staggering to join wood floor in two rooms

Q: We want to replace the tile in our foyer to match the wood in the family room. Our wood floors are glued down since we have concrete floors. How do we match the wood in the foyer to the family room, since the end of the wood is a rough cut and covered by a threshold?

A: Well, if the hardwood is running into the tiled foyer you have 2 choices. Remove the tile, install matching hardwood and use a dome cap or T cap to cover the rough cut ends or stagger back each row of existing hardwood and knit in new wood, then have the entire thing sanded.

How to fill space removed pantry wall left

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: We are getting ready to redo our kitchen. We have a pantry wall that needs to come out. Our hardwood is in the pantry, but not where they brought the wall out, about 35 inches. I think I would have enough to use inside the pantry to fill back where cabinets would cover, but how difficult would this be? I have looked at some videos and I’m a pretty handy girl, but I want to see if I should have this priced out because I would have to take so much out.

Also, it’s already stained, so would I have to sand and redo that or could I make it work since only a small portion would show later?

A: The best way to handle a repair like this is to stagger back each row of boards and ‘knit’ new boards into place. This would require sanding at least the pantry, which I assume is secluded from the rest of the kitchen. As an alternative, you could cut the ends of the existing boards in a straight line and drop the new boards in running in the opposite direction. Then, simply sand, stain and finish the patch.

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