Brown stains from straight vinegar on bare wood floor

Q: I accidentally mopped a newly stripped hardwood floor with straight vinegar! Now I have brown stains circling my floor. Tried bleach, I know it’s not good, and it did not work. One of your questioners said she used hydrogen peroxide on stains and it worked but did not accept the stain.

I’m using polyurethane over natural pine floors. What do you think of my mess? I think it will be okay if the stain comes out. I’m probably going to need to try sanding again to remove the vinegar stains.

A: At least you are not facing a chemical we know little about. I would lightly sand the marks and it should come out. Here is a suggestion for staining pine. I have found a great product called Waterlox. It is a Tung oil based penetrating finish. It offers the best way to stain soft woods. Mix 4 parts Waterlox and 1 part stain. Mop on and walk away.