Spilled carpenter’s/wood glue on laminate floor

Q: In the kitchen of the house we just bought, the previous owner spilled carpenter’s/wood glue on the inside of our cabinet doors as well as on the laminate floors. Is there any solvent I can safely use to dissolve the glue to make it easier to scrape it off?

Any other advice on wood glue removal from laminated surfaces would be appreciated.

A: Not sure. Some wood glue will soften with water, but my suspicion is that what he used may not, but it’s worth a try to wet it really well (tape a wet cloth to it if you have to). Otherwise, I would contact the company that makes the adhesive. Some adhesives such as cyano-acrylate and polyurethane have their own adhesive removers. You might also try emailing Lee Valley Tools but you will probably need to know the exact adhesive that was used; adhesive name and manufacturer.