Popping sound in hallway one year after install

Q: We live in a condo on the 10th floor. We put in engineered Brazilian hardwood. It’s been one year to the date. Now in one small section (hallway), when you step in a few spots there’s a popping sound. Sometimes it is very loud. What causes this and what will fix it?

A: It sounds like some expansion has occurred. Is it possible there is a leak someplace? You could have someone come in with a meter and check for moisture levels. You may simply have to buy a hygrometer (from an electronics store) and monitor the indoor relative humidity. You didn’t say if the floor was glued down or is floating. If it is a glue down, you may need to buy some adhesive that is injected through a tiny hole in the floor. this will expand and fill any dip in the concrete beneath if that is a problem. I believe Bostik makes such a product.