Chemical eating poly away; top coat of poly bubbling in two areas

Q: If a chemical eats through the top coat of poly would it also eat through the other 2 coats?

My hardwood contractor did a screen and added 1 coat of oil based poly to some hardwoods that were new in 2006.

There are two areas that have little bubbles popping up and you can scratch off to the next layer of poly. He believes this was something that was spilled or sprayed on after the re-poly and is eating poly away. Wouldn’t the chemical eat through all layers? Could this be caused by bubbles in poly or having heat on after refinishing?

A: I don’t believe this is caused by a chemical stripper. It could eat through more than one layer at a time, but regardless it does dry out and stop activating after a while. There could be some other contaminant on the floor, however, which is preventing proper adhesion on certain spots. Having warm air blowing directly on the finish when it has been first applied is not a good idea either and can cause bubbling because of the rapid set up and evaporation of the solvent.