Is there a way to fill in dips?

Q: I put down some 3/8 engineered flooring on a slab with glue. In the rush to get the job done within the time I had allowed, apparently two small dips in the slab were missed. Now there are two areas, about 10 square inches, where the floor is just floating over the glue. If you step on the area, the floor dips, adheres to the glue for a moment, and then pops back up.

Is there a way to fill in underneath these small areas to stop this problem, without pulling up a lot of floor to get to the spot?

A: There are indictable adhesives on the market. You drill a tiny pilot hole, insert tube nozzle and squeeze. The adhesive will expand under the floor and fill the cavity. I believe Bostik makes just such an adhesive.

Related Q: My dad and husband recently installed an engineered walnut floor in my kitchen. They ended up with a low spot, due to an uneven sub floor, resulting in the occurrence of a “popping” sound when you walk across the uneven area.

This, unfortunately, is a high traffic area. What is the best way to correct this problem?

A: If they had put a nail in the tongue at that spot it likely would have pulled the board down and helped prevent the sound. But, stuff like that happens.

How about this: there are injectable adhesives you can use which can be squeezed through a tiny hole drilled through the board and the adhesive will expand into the space under the boards. If you have access from the basement, you could even do this through the sub floor. That is one idea. You might find that this annoying movement will come and go.