Changing sheen of prefinished floor

Q: We are installing Pre-Finished Engineered Timber floor (Spotted Gum) in matte finish. But I really like the gloss finish look. Is it possible to polish the pre-finished floor boards again to get the gloss finish after installation? Any issues with applying a gloss polish on top of the existing matte finish?

Please help. If possible, can you please recommend a product?

A: I definitely would not recommend attempting this. To have any chance of gaining adhesion the existing coating would need to be thoroughly abraded or scuffed with a fine abrasive. Or a chemical preparation can be used. Such a product can be purchased from Basic Coatings. it is a two part treatment. Also not inexpensive. These modern coatings are developed to be abrasion resistant. This floor also likely has a micro bevel on the edges and ends that would have to be treated so the finish doesn’t de-laminate or peel.

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