Dog vomit caused bubble in finish

Q: I have a small bubble raised up in my floor caused by dog getting sick while I was asleep. What can I do to to flatten the bubble?

A: Is this a bubble in floor finish or do you have, for example and engineered floor and the top veneer has bubbled?

Follow-up Q: It is a bubble in the floor finish.

A: Strange. I’m guessing it is caused by stomach acid. Poor dog. You could try a small wooden or otherwise roller but you might have to pick this spot off and apply one or more thin coats of finish.

[Sort of] Related Q: How does one remove dried cat vomit (it’s set up like cement) from hardwood floors? I don’t want to use anything that will scratch or mar the floor or its finish. I hope you can help me.

A: I would think to wet it (the vomit itself) maybe with a mix of vinegar and water to soften it.

Related Q: Can dog urine make an oil base polyutherane varnish bubble up? What about Coca Cola?

A: No, I would not expect urine or coke to cause polyurethane to bubble up. Paint stripper would.

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