Porch and porch ceiling can’t be stained?

Q: I installed a Mahogany T&G porch floor and Cypress T&G porch ceiling for a client about a month ago as part of a larger project. We specifically state in our contract that we don’t stain, but do provide our clients a list of companies who do.

The client took several weeks to contact the first such company who immediately told them that the it didn’t matter what he did to the floor, that it wouldn’t last because it had been exposed to the elements. They were also told that the porch ceiling couldn’t be stained because gravity would be working against them.

Are both of these statements true and, if so, what are our options (i.e. do we have to redo one and/or the other)? Also, do you have a recommendation for oil vs. urethane stain?

A: It sounds to me the fellow has been sniffing fumes too long. Any wood that is stained and a finish applied needs to be within normal limits for that species regarding moisture content. Oak, for example is typically 7-9%. Is this porch exposed to the elements or is it enclosed and heated? You may need to use an exterior varnish. If that is the case, Swing Paints will actually tint it for you in their exterior varnish. www.circa1850.com

It is my understanding that Dura Seal Quick Coat is a urethane stain, as are those made by Poloplaz. I have used both and they share the same colour line. They are fine but you have to work at a decent rate and can’t stop to lounge by the pool while applying it.