I want to install salvaged oak flooring strips

Q: I want to install salvaged oak flooring strips 0.25′ x 1.75′  over existing 0.75′ fir flooring. What procedures should I follow?

A: Not highly recommended. These old strip floors don’t offer much of a wear surface. They can usually be safely sanded 2 times. 3 If you are lucky. The floor you are looking at is recycled. After you install it, it won’t be flat and will need to be sanded again. I don’t think there would be enough left of it to make it worth your while.

Salvage oak flooring

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: I want to salvage some oak flooring from a house that is being torn down. What is the best approach to avoid splintering and cracking of the flooring? Tools, etc.?

A: I have a question: What is the original thickness of this flooring? If it is typical 3/8 strip flooring, then believe me when I say that it is not worth saving. Even under perfect conditions, you would be lucky to get away with sanding and refinishing this flooring 3 times. It has already been sanded at least once. To salvage and reinstall such a floor would require so much surface removal to make it flat and even, it would be at the limit of its wear surface.

Now if this is a 3/4 thick floor, and has ample thickness from the top of the board to the top edge of the tongue and groove, then a simple pry bar and hammer are your primary weapons of assault. Don’t forget your back brace and knee pads. And a bottle of Aspirin.

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