How do I fix damaged floating wood panels?

Q: I just purchased a house that came with “floating wood flooring”, I think that’s what it’s called. Wood on top of foam? The planks slide together. My question is – How do I seal it and clean it?

I don’t think it has been sealed, because there is some lifting in areas around the sink where it has gotten wet. Can the water damage be fixed or do I replace each plank?

One more question: there is one plank that moves and the foam will show then I have to slide it back into place. I think this is caused by not having a strip of wood in front of the dishwasher where this happens. Everywhere else in the kitchen has this wood strip under the counters except in that place. Can you help?

A: There is no coating I am aware of that can be applied to these floors. You would not gain adhesion. The panels are lifting because water has gone between them and damaged the core.

Not all laminates are created equal. Products from Torlys and Quick Step offer the best with low swell rates because of a superior core and less chance of water penetration because of a superior click joint.

The only thing you can really do is remove and replace the damaged panels, if you can find a matching product. That one panel which moves? If this is a pre-click joint floor, then it was not properly glued. If click joint, either the joint is damaged or the panel has not been properly engaged to the one beside it. Another advantage of Torlys laminates is that the panels can be clicked together even with the panels sitting flat on the floor. Most other laminates need to be lifted on and angle first to make the joints mate.