Hardest time getting the planks to fit together

Q: We purchased U******** V**** Strip Double-Lock flooring to install in a condo. It is an engineered floating wood floor. We are having the hardest time getting the planks to fit together, in spite of following the directions and allowing it to acclimate, etc. We have used the appropriate tools and kits and have only managed to waste days and planks trying over and over again. Every time we get one to fit, another comes loose. Some are just impossible to get together. Is there some trick?

We are very handy, and, this is our 6th total home renovation. This flooring is the FIRST project that has ever stumped us. Please help!

A: I haven’t used this product. In hind site, I would have chosen Torlys or Uniclic. Your best course, I think, would be to contact the manufacturer. It may not be you. Could be the product.

If the sub straight is not flat that could create an issue too.