Glued down floor is popping and creaking

Q: Doing a remodel about 18 months ago, we installed bamboo flooring over concrete. Going with the advice of our contractor, we painted the floor with Kilz Primer then glued the bamboo directly to the concrete. We placed weight on the floor and let it dry overnight. Now it is popping and creaking in the areas that are most often walked on.

Is there any way we can fix this problem short of pulling up the floor and replacing it? Thanks for any suggestions.

A: I’m wondering if the adhesive has not bonded to the primer. What does the manufacturer say about using their adhesive over paints and primers?

Related Q: The guy doing my home improvement installed Schon 3/8″ x 3.5″ Brazilian Cherry engineered wood on my bathroom vanity floor. He installed it directly to the concrete with some type of silicone glue gun (the style for caulking). Is this a good or recommended method? The bathroom sounds a bit clicky and spongy in places. Is silicon any good for this? I live in So California.

A: I’ve never heard of anyone taking this approach. I would have suggested Bostik’s Best or some other polyurethane adhesive. You might want to look up the product online and see what their recommendations for adhesive would be.