Dots all over floor in DIY stain job

Q: I’m in the process of staining my floor and there are a whole bunch of little, tiny colored dots all over the place. Can stain have air bubbles? How can I fix this so that my floor looks normal?

A: I’m not sure what the dots are or why they are there. If you were sweating at the time, sweat drops could open the grain and make the stain go darker in those spots. Also, you are suppose to apply the stain, let it soak for several minutes and then wipe off the excess. Did you do that?

Follow-up Q: I didn’t do that. Can I fix it or do I have to start over?

A: If I made a mess of staining I’d probably screen the crap out of the floor to remove as much of the stain as possible and then stain again. Of course, you need the equipment to do this and you may not even know what I mean by “screening”. You could try wiping the floor down with mineral spirits to remove the excess stain. Did I mention this is not really DIY work?