Areas where stain is blotchy and unevenly colored

Q: We are having our oak floors refinished in a darker stain to add contrast to the other woods in the house. Last evening, the professional finished sanding and added the stain. He is coming back today to do the poly sealant; however, my husband and I noticed areas like in front of the refrigerator that are blotchy and unevenly colored. How can this be fixed?

What should I tell the professional today who told me last night it was just the “different wood”? I don’t want to seal it and have it remain uneven.

A: This is difficult to answer without knowing why it looks blotchy and what stain he used and what technique he used when preparing the floor. He will probably have to remove and restain the area to one degree or another which still won’t guarantee a perfect match between that spot and the rest of the floor. It might be that after the finish is applied the area won’t really look all that noticeable in relation to the rest of the floor.