Mineral spirits used to remove glue marks left finish dull

Q: We just installed glue down hardwood flooring; pre-finished Centerra oak flooring. We used Robers Urethane 1408 glue. Unfortunately, as first timers, we were not paying too close attention to the glue marks. We were able to remove the glue with mineral spirits, but it left the finish dull in the areas that the glue had touched.

What can we do to bring the shine back?

A: Try cleaning the floor with a polyurethane cleaner. Perhaps the floor manufacturer has an in house brand or you could look at Mirage, Bona Kemi, Poloplaz etc.

Glue left dull spots

Related Q: Floor glue was removed with mineral spirits, and everywhere we took off the glue it left dull spots. Can it be fixed without refinishing? Is there a cleaner that will bring back the shine or could there still be a glue residue left on the floor?

A: It could be from the mineral spirits. I’d get a small bottle of cleaner from your nearest hardwood floor retailer. A number of companies make their own version: Mirage, Basic Coatings, Poloplaz, Bona.

Residue from mineral spirits

Q: I used mineral spirits to clean the glue off a wood floor during installation. Now I have residue on the floor after the mineral spirits evaporated. What’s the best way to clean the surface of this residue and leave a streak-free shine?

A: There are cleaners made specially for wood floors with a surface coat.  They can be purchased from your nearest hardwood floor retailer.  In a pinch I would use a bit of alcohol.  It evaporates fast without leaving a residue.