Brazilian Cherry darkened in under 2 months leaving lighter spots where furniture was

Q: A contractor just installed around 800 square feet of 3/4 prefinished Brazilian Cherry on our first floor. It looked very good until we unstacked our furniture today. The furniture had been sitting on top of flat pieces of card board for about 1-1/2 to 2 months as the contractor finished the floors. Now we find that our floors look like they got a sunburn with band-aid marks all over them!

We knew that Brazilian Cherry darkened with time and that the furniture would need to be moved around, but we never thought that in under 2 months the floor would change so dramatically. We have now uncovered all the spots that were covered with furniture and card board and we’re hoping that the lighter wood will catch up to the darker wood.

Which brings me to my questions – Will the light areas darken to blend in over time so that it will be completely unnoticeable? Or, will there always be a line where our furniture laid?

If the latter is the case, do you have any recommendations for us? We spent so much time and money on this project that this is really upsetting. Any guidance with this is appreciated!

A: 2 months? You would have that change in 2 weeks. Don’t worry about it. The lighter patches will catch up as they are exposed to light. The floor will not keep getting darker to infinity. The lighter areas will change soon.