Should the sanding option only be done by a professional?

Q: I removed two layers of very old linoleum flooring (over an oak floor) in a seven by twelve foot kitchen. Used Contractors Solvent to remove black mastic adhesive and paper residue with wide scrapper.

Can I epoxy paint the floor or should I just sand to bare wood beneath blackened boards? Should the sanding option only be done by a professional, or is a rented sander sufficient for novice?

I would consider “peel and stick tile” only as last resort.

A: It partly depends how thick this oak floor is. The old style 3/8 strip is most likely going to be too thin to tolerate the kind of heavy sanding needed to remove this mess. In that case, it would be better to remove that floor and install a new one.

Sanding is definitely work that needs a professional’s skills and equipment.

Related Q: We have strip hardwood flooring which was covered with carpet. The former owners removed most of the carpets and resanded. Though there is some water damage, it is not bad enough to replace. It seems to be covered with a urethane. We would like to strip the urethane and restain the floor a darker color. Is this possible? And how? What products do we use?

A: This really is a job best left to professionals. There is to much involved in every step of the procedure. Even if detailed instructions were provided experience is still lacking. One thing to consider: Can these floors tolerate another full sanding? If they were 3/8 thick brand new, such a floor can be safely re-sanded twice.