Wooden floor became very slick after adding large rug

Q: We recently moved into a home with very nice wooden floors. We added a large oriental rug in the middle of the room. Within a day or so, the wooden floor became very slick. I have vacuumed, cleaned the wooden floor (which helps for a day), but it quickly becomes slick again.

A: Is it possible this carpet is shedding either tiny fibers or some stain repellent and you are tracking it onto the wooden floor? I would purchase a polyurethane cleaner and try using it as needed. Bona Kemi Pacific floor cleaner, Mirage floor cleaner for example, which can be purchased from your local hardwood flooring retailer. Or buy online: http://www.hardwoodcleaner.com
or http://www.circa1850.com
They have a product called Bare Floor.