Laminate floor barrelling, curving on lengthside

Q: We had laminate wood flooring installed, but each plank where it is connected on the length is now “barreling” or curving a little. What is the cause and is there any remedy for this problem?

A: An apparent moisture issue. Not all of these products are created equal. Torly’s and Quick Step have exceptional joints and low swell rates regarding the core of the product. If you are using too much water to clean this product that could cause the problem as could very high humidity or a leak.

Related Q: I installed M***** laminate floors in my house last year. There are several places where our cats urinated and the sides of the board turned upward, forming a ridge. This is a floating floor. Is there any way to repair this without removing and replacing the boards?

A: I have not worked with this product, but I do know that not all laminates are created equal. I believe you will have to replace this panel. Torlys has a tool that can be used to remove a panel in the middle of the room, provided an expansion gap was left along the walls.

I would also suggest you contact the manufacturer of your floor to see if they have any further suggestions.