Laminate floor making a grinding sound

Q: I recently installed Torlys engineered uniclick hardwood flooring in my big condo. Work was performed in two days by a Torlys certified company that sells and installs flooring. The problem I have now is I would say rather strong grinding sound coming from the floor as I walk over it (almost every step).

If I only had time I would have installed a real wood floor over 3/4′ plywood. Or at least I would have installed Mirage engineered over glued underlayment, i.e., something stable that would not produce this grinding all the time (does this come from uniclick mechanism?).

What are my options now? Can I sue company that installed the flooring? Or should I sue Torlys? Do I have any warranty regarding scraping/grinding sound produced by the floor? My underlayment for this Torlys floor is Torlys Accoustik 4-in-1, but it probably only sound-proofs the flat below my unit. Is there any way to stop this terrible sound?

A: It sounds like the concrete may not be flat. If this is the case, Torly’s does have a tool which can pull the panels apart in the middle of the room where they would then be able to insert some building paper to raise any dips.

I don’t think lawsuits are a good option to consider right from the get go. They cost everybody a lot of time, money and pain. Even if a judgement is won, that still won’t get you any money. What is needed is good communication and cooperation.

Call the company who installed it and call Torlys and have them send representatives to your suite and inspect what might be causing the issue. By all means, everybody should be fair and reasonable.