Grooves in hardwood from piano being moved

Q: We recently sold our piano. We neglected to tell the people moving it out that they should lay something down to protect our hardwood floor. We now have grooves going all the way from the living room through the dining room from the piano wheels.

We are renting the property, which makes me really nervous!

When I run my fingers over the grooves, it seems as though they are only in the finish of the floor rather than the wood itself. (I’m guessing that’s a good thing?) What is the best way to fix this, since they continue through several rooms? Does the whole area have to be stripped and refinished?

A: If the depressions are into the floor surface which is likely you will probably have to sand the floors. You might try wetting a towel, placing it over a spot in an inconspicuous spot and iron it dry. See if the moisture is able to get past the finish and pop the wood back up. It’s worth a try.

Piano left 4 ft long grooves in hardwood floor

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: We just moved into our new home and already our hardwood floors have been ruined. When our heavy upright piano was moved in, it was rolled on the wood floor and create a groove/dent that is about 4 feet long. If I hire a professional, how would they fix this and how expensive will it be?

A: If this is factory finished, they may opt to replace the boards. Cost? That depends on too many factors to even answer.

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