Finish eroding in a bubble-like pattern in some spots

Q: We have a four year old floor and around the fridge and some cabinets we have found places where the finish is eroding in a bubble-like pattern. We just had the whole floor refinished and that day the bubbles returned. They are not like air bubbles but are the same shape.

What are they and how do I get rid of them?

A: My guess is that when the floor finish was applied the fan on the refrigerator started to blow air across the floor, causing these “fish eye” bubbles to form. The only thing that can be done is to rub them down with a fine abrasive and apply a fresh, thin coat of finish to the entire affected board.

Related Q: I hired a professional to refinish my red oak floors. He took them down to bare wood and used 3 coats of oil based Duraseal clear coat. Floors were beautiful. Then I came home to chicken pox like texture all through the floors. He says it just needs to cure. I have had floors done 2x throughout the years and have never seen this.

They are not air bubbles. They are visual. Will this go away? What caused it? How can it be fixed?

A: Sounds like perhaps fish eye bubbles. This happens when the solvent leaves the film to quickly, often from a breeze blowing across the finish or the sun shining through the windows and heating up the floor.