Removing sealed grit from finish

Q: I have a BR 111 Triangulo Santos Mahogany wood floor. I use Bona Kemi products on the floor, which are safe. However, I put the refresher on the floor with a less than clean rag and ended up sealing grit, etc., in the floor.

Is there a safe way, below hiring a professional, to take the refresher off and begin again?

A: I have not used their refresher product. I would suggest lightly abrading the coating with a 3M maroon pad, clean it well and re-apply according to their directions.

Related Q: I just had some white oak floors refinished. There are gritty blotches throughout the floors. The finisher came back and said he buffed the floors and put another coat of finish on. The blotches are still there. And now the coat of finish is all streaked. What can be done to correct it?

A: Perhaps his finish or the floors and surrounding area are not clean, leading to contamination. If these are the same blotches, perhaps he did not buff the floor at all. I don’t know if this is water born or oil based finish. Streaks could be caused by drying too fast and not allowing the finish to flow and level properly (there should be no air movement across the floor while it is setting up) or it is satin finish that was not adequately stirred.