Ugly quarter round at front door

Q: We just had someone install hardwood flooring (glued) from our front door, down the hall and into the family room. At the front door we had herringbone pattern. After installing the flooring the installers used quarter round at the front door. It really looks tacky whenever you are walking towards the front door from the hall way. What can we do to make our entrance look nice?

Also, as you are walking down the hall way to the front door, on the left hand side about three feet from the door there is a piece of wood that is about a half inch higher than the other flooring. Is there anything that we can do about that or is it something that we are going to have to live with since the flooring is glued?

A: They probably used the quarter round to hide a small gap between the floor and the outside front wall or threshold. Maybe a smaller, less conspicuous piece of quarter round or some alternate trim can be used instead. As for the raised piece, I don’t know. If this is pre-finished I would have thought that should have been dealt with at the time of installation. Or it is possible, if they used a heavy polyurethane adhesive that the one piece shifted after they left the job as the adhesive started to set. You might have to live with it.

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