Pit marks after buff and coat of prefinished floor

Q: I had a 10 yr old glossy Bruce 3/4″ prefinished hardwood floor screened and buffed a satin finish, now it looks and feels like there are pit marks on the floor. What could this be from and can it be fixed?

A: It is very difficult to impossible to adequately screen the coatings on these floors given their abrasion resistance. This is why a chemical treatment has been developed to gain adhesion. So I would be concerned about this coating peeling off at some point. What this pitting is I don’t know. Was the floor not thoroughly cleaned before the finish was applied?

Follow-up: I don’t know if it was cleaned properly. The same company did the same procedure, screened and buffed, three other rooms in the house and they all came out awesome; the difference is they were not prefinished.

Since the room involved is my daughters and she just moved back into it, she does not want to go through the aggravation of moving out of the room again, so will live with the floor as is for now. I guess it can be called the distressed look! Thank you for your reply.

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