Popping and footstep noises

Q: My house makes noises. It’s coming from the upstairs area between the kitchen and the first room. The entire upstairs is wood floors. It makes 2 distinct noises, a stomp and a pop. Is it possible the noise is coming from the wooden floor? Because sometimes after the stomp a sound like footsteps occurs.

I’m an Islander and live in Seattle,WA and my family believes that the dead are trying to communicate. Please help. It’s driving me nuts. Thanks.

A: I don’t know how old the house is or what the dimensions of the floor are nor what sub floor it is sitting on. It could be possible part of the sub floor is loose and that spot will make a noise. It might be good to check the relative humidity in the home and also the floor itself with a moisture meter to determine if there is excessive expansion in your floor.

Related Q: Twice there has been a loud pop noise in my house, any idea what it is?

A: Possibly expanding hardwood floors. Any moisture or humidity issues? Everything expands and contracts. Even steel roofing. It can make quite a bang.

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