Poly lifting where dog peed on floor

Q: We have a satin finish on out oak floors installed 2 years ago. Recently my dog peed a puddle and it sat for maybe 3 hours before we soaked it up. Was not yellow pee she just can’t hold her water long anymore – now that it’s up. The seams in the poly have lifted and it is not smooth any more to the touch. Is this normal?

I spoke to my sister who has 2 dogs and lots of accidents on her satin poly finish and she said it just beads up and floor is fine. Even when she does not see for a full day?

Thank you in advance.

A: If any liquid sits in the middle of a board coated with polyurethane it will bead up, yes. However, it can still find a way below the surface along board edges and it sounds like this is what has happened with you. If these episodes become more common the uric acid will eventually start to degrade your floor finish.

Similar Q: My dog peed on my wood floor. It hasn’t stained but the boards are swollen and slightly lifted where she’s gone. Can this be fixed or does my entire floor need replacing?

A: I would leave it for now and see what it is going to do. Maybe it will settle down when it dries out. At worst a board can be changed.

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