Moisture cure still off-gassing

Q: Hello, I have had Toby Lustapol oil polyurethane put on a timber floor. It is coming up to 3 weeks and is still off-gassing. We also notice when moving furniture there are marks left where it sat? Could you advise what these marks might be? The marks look as if you left a drink on a wooden table.

It has been below 20degress Celsius and around 10-15 at night here since the floor was coated. The floor was newly installed with barrier seal applied and 2 top coats.

A: I’d never heard of the product but looked it up. It is moisture cure. It should be tough when cured, but nasty to work with. The finish dries by exposure to moisture. If the air is too dry it will greatly retard drying and curing. You may need to set up a humidifier. Have you contacted the manufacturer or the people who sold you this product?

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