Last few boards of install won’t fit

Q: I have been putting down a floating cali bamboo floor. Almost complete. On the last two rows all of a sudden the wood panel does not want to line up and attach. I’ve had no problems up to this point. Now all of a sudden I can’t get these boards to go in. I get one side in and the other side pops out.

Even tried simultaneously. Confused. I don’t know what to do. I thought I had a bad board. So I’ve tried a few more. All doing the same thing. Ever heard of this?

A: That would frustrate the life out of me. There has to be a reason you are not seeing. The bad board idea would have been my first guess too and I would have inspected the joints for damage, any twisting of the board. And don’t forget to check the board already in place for damage to it’s joint. Is there something that has gotten under the pad, if you are installing on pad. It could be a tiny stone on the floor. It doesn’t take much. perhaps a slight hump in the floor?

Follow-up: Thank you. I will check to see if anything got under the pad. Still stumped. I’ve put a few of the boards together in another room. And they went together with no problem.

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