Condensation under washer/dryer

Q: What can we use under our clothes dryer on my hickory floor to help with the condensation? We put a plastic tray under the washer, can we use the same under the dryer? Right now I jam a towel a few inches under the dryer & open the windows, but I still get that dang condensation.

A: I wouldn’t have thought you would get any condensation from the two machines. Is the dryer vented outside? I think L.L.Bean has mats for entry ways that don’t allow moisture to pass through.

Follow-up: Thank you. Lot of condensation from the dryer, it is vented outside. I will check will LLBean. I did not want put anything under the dryer just in case it would interrupt air flow.

Front loading washer and dryer on factory finish wood flooring

Q: Protection under front loading washing machine, and front loading dryer to protect hardwood floors. Wood has aluminum oxide top coat, factory finished. Room temperatures vary, no forced air in the room. It’s hot and humid, cold and dry. Both machines are heavy duty sized, sub-floor is plywood supported by 2×12 16″ centers. Crawl space under home (good for the non-claustrophobic). Our location is mile high, some snow. Temperatures 15~10?, humidity 30~45% spring and summer.

A: You are asking a lot under extremes. Summer humidity isn’t outrageous. I would monitor how the floor behaves. Winter is generally dry air which may cause some gapping. My biggest concern would be a leak from the washer. A fan blowing fresh air over a surface can go a long way to keeping things normal.

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