Water softener overflowed onto laminate floors

Q: My water softener overflowed 26 gallons of water onto our laminate floors. We cleaned up the water and ran a dehumidifier and fans. The flooring covers about 800 square feet of our downstairs. However, the water ran under the laminate and when we took the vent covers off of our floor and felt underneath it was still wet, and that’s across the room.

The flooring is resilient grip strip plank. There appears to be no damage to the floor above but we don’t want mold growing under the floor. Will the water dry up on it’s own with a dehumidifier or do we need to replace the whole floor?

A: Can you take the floor up without damaging it and keeping each piece in order? It will have to come up or it will take a very long time to dry out the area under it and you will end up with mold. That is quite a bit of water and it has to go some place. The way it is now, it is mostly locked in under that floor.

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