Stain brand recommendation

Q: Dear Sir or Madame, Thank You sincerely for any advise you can give at your earliest convenience. Currently we have old “blondish red” (narrow plank) hardwood floors. We would like to stain them a classic antique french grey or something similar. After sanding the floor how do you suggest that we proceed? Also is there a specific brand that is best?

THANK YOU so very much again for your help!

A: After completely preparing the floor ie removing all previous finishes and sanding marks, scratches, vacuum up all dust and wet, not soak the floor to open the grain and assist in a deeper and more even stain penetration. I generally use Dura Seal Quick Coat which dries fast and reliably but also contains polyurethane resin to serve as a sealer. However, given the colour you are after this may not work. Poloplaz has a new, fast drying stain available. I would check out their colour offerings and recommendations. When staining, apply generally in narrow rows, say 3 feet wide. Apply stain and let sit for a few minutes. Wipe off excess with a clean cloth before it dries.

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