How to attach new floor to doorway with no tongue or groove

Q: We had carpet in our dining room and hardwood in the entrance way. We want to extend the hardwood into the dining room running the same way as the hallway (which is perpendicular to the joists as recommended). I ripped up the carpet and found the last piece of hardwood that is in the doorway does not have a tongue or groove and it is stapled to the floor. I was wondering how to attach the new floor to the board that does not have a tongue or groove.

Also, there is a walk way from our kitchen into the dining room and the same is true for that hard wood – no tongue or groove. Any help you could provide would be appreciated. In that case, it is running the opposite way so I will need to tie the ends of the boards into that piece somehow. Thanks

A: Aside from replacing those two boards with the tongue or groove intact the only other option is to use adhesive. Try to find a mastic or rubberized, flexible adhesive and you can weight the board down until it has set. I don’t know of any other options.

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