One area of floor remains dry after multiple coats of finish

Q: I poly’d my floor with 3 coats, but in one section it was dry. I went over it again and it’s still dry. What should I do?

A: Did you buff or sand after each coat of finish? After applying the first coat on bare wood it would be spotty and maybe a little rough. Sanding it lightly with a fine abrasive would smooth it and help close the surface. With each coat you should see marked improvement with the finish build. 3 coats is generally plenty. Was this applied to a floor which has been sanded to fresh wood, removing all previous coatings? If so, perhaps that area that appears dry may not have been sanded smoothly? If this finish is applied over already existing coatings it may be there was contaminants on the surface which are actually repelling the finish. If this is the case you would have to wet buff with a polisher, maroon or white pad while spraying a cleaner such as Poloplaz Tie Tac to remove contaminants. Worst case the floor has to be done over again from scratch.

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