Touching up stain in dent

Q: We have dark walnut stain on oak floors, with Swedish finish. A dropped tool put a small dent (half dime sized) that broke through the finish and now the light wood shows. I can live with the dent but need to make it match the rest of the floor and touch up the finish. I’m a pretty good DIYer. Best course of action?

A: That sort of thing is annoying, isn’t it? It happens though and they are wood floors, meant to be walked on. Hard to believe this tool impact actually also removed the stain but that is what it sounds like you are saying. You could dab a touch of the stain on the spot. Additionally there are pre mixed tube fillers such as Color Rite which come in hundreds of shades. If you can find a good match then smooth some into the dent and let it set up. Re-apply if needed. Next day you may want to add a drop of the finish on top of this to harden it and help blend the shine. Hope that helps. I don’t know how Swedish finish is these days but way back it really smelled bad.

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