Screening to apply matching sheen

Q: I have a newly installed red oak floor in my kitchen. The first 3 coats of finish were semi-gloss and matched the hardwood floor in the adjoining hallway. The flooring contractor put a 4th coat on, because the finish was marred during the rest of the kitchen remodel. Unfortunately, he used satin for the last coat and now it doesn’t match my hall.

The satin seemed to lighten the floor slightly. He wants to fix it by screening the satin and applying another coat of semi-gloss. I didn’t think it would match the hallway with out completely┬áremoving the satin. Am I wrong?

A: No, there is no need to totally remove the previous coating to change the shine. Buffing is required generally which creates fine scratches and causes inter coat adhesion. The shine level is determined by the finish that is applied last, not by what is beneath it.

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