6 Inch wide planks without cupping?

Q: I am doing new construction on the coast in NJ, hardwood floors throughout. Humidity is an issue. I have 12 ft of above grade heated garage area under the hardwood installation. Floor is insulated. Question is can I use a 6″ or wider width plank without issues with boards cupping.

Thanks for your response.

A: I do believe the recommendation from the NWFA is when installing anything over 4″ wide you should mix it with another, narrower width. Also be sure the flooring is on site and exposed to the normal living environment inside for several days. I would allow at least a week. Check moisture content in both the sub floor and the flooring with a meter to be sure they are within 4% of each other. Especially is this important with new construction. During building the place has been open and exposed to the elements. It takes time to dry out.

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