Gaps in stringers

Q: For our stairs, carpet was replaced by new oak treads. I will paint the risers and stringers. There are large gaps in the stringers. How can I fill these areas in? Can I start by somehow wedging small pieces of wood and then using a filler?

A: I haven’t seen the gaps but sometimes you have to improvise and use your imagination. You could glue and nail wood strips and use wood filler if that would be easiest. You could mix a stiff concoction of wood glue and fine wood dust, then fill over with patching material that can be painted (and sanded / buffed easily).

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  1. You can use a kregg tool, to suck the back riser into the tread. It allows you to make a screw pocket and hides the head of the screw. This will also help remove squeaks in the floor. This is a handy tool if you can not access the back of the stairs to put a screw in from behind the risers.

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