Removing Applique from Hardwood Floor

Q: We own a rental and did work there recently. The tenants had put up a dartboard and put a Budweiser applique of some type, which is 4 inches by 12 inches, on the hardwood floor as the “throw from” line. Will this damage the floor?

I tried to see if it would peel up simply (it’s about 1/16-1/8″ thick) and it wouldn’t budge. I don’t think it’s been down long. Will it damage the floor and should it be taken up as soon as possible and if so, in what manner? Any tips for removing applique? If the floor is damaged, any suggestions? Thank you.

A: I would take it up as soon as possible. I’d likely try to use a 10 or 12 inch flat blade trowel to get under it and scrape it off. You will likely have to find a solvent to dissolve the adhesive I think it was held down with. Any scratching of the finish will have to be buffed with fine abrasive and re-coated.

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