Bamboo floor lifting in doorways

Q: We just had bamboo floors installed over cement, and now I’ve noticed the bamboo floor lifting in our doorways. Any idea what happened?

A: Do you mean it is buckling, heaving up or the edges of the boards are loose on a few boards? If it is buckling, heaving the culprit is likely a water leak somewhere. If it is the latter it could be the adhesive was missed in those spots or the floor, if it was rolled with a weighted roller missed those spots and failed to get good adhesion. There are injectable adhesives for situations like this or when there may be a low spot in the concrete. Bostik makes such an adhesive.

Similar Q: I just had click bamboo floors installed 2 weeks ago and now in nine certain areas they seem to be lifting off the subfloor, and popping when stepped on. What can be done to fix this problem permanently and cost effectively?

A: Perhaps there is a small dip in the floor (concrete?) under that area. If this is the case, though it would require taking the floor apart up to this area, it could be filled with layers of roofing felt to make the area flat. Seems like it could be a real pain though.

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